I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and ADHD in 2009. As I’ve been around a number of both Aspies and people with ADHD I’ve figured out that the combination of the two can in many cases be a completely different creature altogether.

That’s why I’m blogging about it here.

If you want the latest info, check the blog posts. I’ll try to keep this page up to date with the vision of the site.

Copyright, legal etc

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In the case of pictures or longer sections of text, “all rights reserved” is the general practice here. Please contact me with any suggestions or offers before using the material. (Note: where I come from copyright is “opt out” not “opt in” so the lack of a ©-sign or copyright notice is not an excuse to do anything with the material…)

Naturally, all pictures used on this site that are in the public domain or have a usage license that allows them to be used, can also be used by you. I should have provided a link to the source in such cases (and I have, in the majority of the cases, added the originators name in the caption of the picture).

If you feel that a picture you have the copyright to have been erroneously used on this site, just comment on the picture or the page where the picture is used, and if you do not add links to Viagra sites :D, your comment will not be spam filtered, and I’ll make sure I do not infringe on your rights!

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