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Crayfish – no thanks!

Crayfish ... or what's left of them after they've been chomped on by a Swede!

Crayfish … or what’s left of them after they’ve been chomped on by a Swede!

So, we have this tradition in Sweden. We eat crayfish… yeah to whomever, non-swede out there that knows what animal I’m talking about, this is like eating locust… Hey, wait… just look at the image… those are the … remnants of the sweeties we like to crunch down on…

Aliens! You have no chance in Sweden! We’ll eat you in August! 😀

Okay, to be honest… I cannot stomach this creature… not because it looks like such an evil thing, it’s because of the smell… Then again, I’ve felt foul smells on places where I can only assume no one else feels them… why on earth would people otherwise be sitting around eating lunch under the thick, black cover of an… odor.

Well in all honesty, it’s just a very faint scent of … rotten. Not like children would cry and people would call 112, or the morgue. But I have places, whole food courts, where I just cannot see myself eating. Unless they get rid of the stench.

Some investigation (and the unfortunate purchase of high quality “cow” meat) have lead me to believe the stench, in fact, comes from cows and burgers… umm veggies for Hoakzie?

Perhaps that’s an Aspie thing… (I’m fairly certain it is…) As I’ve heard it people with Asperger might feel extremely sensitive to light, or – in my case – smells. On the other hand, it’s just certain smells I’m sensitive to… but then I’m really sensitive.